I FINALLY finished Atlas Shrugged. The months of audiobook were getting so tedious that I went and checked it out of the library yesterday (side note – I haven’t checked a book out of a library in years). I sped through a chapter in like ten minutes, mostly because I ignored redundancies (which filled the entire chapter).

Long story short – I liked the book. It was so freakishly long that I will never touch it again, but I liked the idea. Basically, government is stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But the moral of the story is that’s wrong – the rich in the book work their tails off to be rich, the poor are funded via entitlements. The rich go on strike, in a manner of speaking, refusing to participate.

The poor, without workers to get things going, and the middle class, without a free market to trade in, grind to halt. Increasing regulations on who works/produces when, how, and how much, ultimately result in the country falling apart and all the lights going out and stuff.

So, pretty extreme. But fascinating.

Unfortunately, brevity is an anathema to Ayn Rand, so I can’t recommend this book. If you’re up for a reading marathon, give it a go. Otherwise, do what all normal people do and opt for the 5k version (aka: Wikipedia).

That’s all I got. Sorry there are no pictures. It wasn’t a picture kind of book.

Atlas Shrugged
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