I’m on GoodReads, too. This is a social networking service I HIGHLY recommend for you readers out there – it’s built for nerds.


  • Wool Omnibus – Hugh Howey
  • American Gods – Neil Gaiman (on hold)

Completed (with reviews!):

On the Docket:

This list has expanded beyond the original (based on one of those “100 books you must read before you die” lists) and was becoming too large to manage here on the blog, where I have to manually type in each book (the HORROR). So I moved my “to-read” list over to GoodReads, which features a nice “click to add” feature allowing me to add hundreds of books a day if I so desire. (Sometimes I do.) A select number (the ones I really lust after) are also included on my Amazon WishList.

(If you’re interested in how I review, click over to the ABOUT page, which provides some background and links to how I frame reviews and how I rate books.)

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