This post is written in response to a web broadcast I listened to the other day. You can listen by clicking here. I was going to post it on Facebook but it got WAYYYY too long. Hence, here.

I do not comprehend the argument against Kindles and other eReading devices. It strikes me as the same kind of argument people have (had) against word processing programs. Yes, it feels different, it does different things, it is not as comforting or reliable as the old three ring binder.

I get that. I, too, like the physical weight and smell and heft of a good book. I like flipping the pages over. I like folding down a corner to mark my place.

What I don’t get is the refusal to consider trying something new. I can still write on notepads. In fact, I do that quite a bit. But I don’t rely solely on notepads. And I think the same should go for books. And phones. And televisions (although I’m super tired of 3D). And everything else under the sun.

How can one traditional book trump an entire library for pure wealth and awesomeness that you can hold in the palm of your hand? How is that possible? The only thing I can think of is that the negativity associated with eReaders has nothing to do with reading. It’s only about books.

Tradition should not (can not) trump innovation. Books do not trump reading.

That is all.

Books vs. Reading
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