I “read” Bridget Jones’s Diary (by Helen Fielding) after the extreme success “reading” HG2G. Some thoughts:

Pre-Zellweger cover
  1. Audio books are a great concept, but getting through them is so slow they make my brain bleed.
  2. The only way to remedy this is to:
    1. Pick books with wildly exciting or painfully hilarious plots.
    2. Acquire audio-books narrated by people with cool accents (ie: British).
  3. I’m going to run out of options pretty quickly.
  4. Renee Zellweger’s face is a hard thing to get out of your head.
  5. Books are ALWAYS better than movies.

I liked it. It wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was fun and it kept me occupied while my muscles shrieked at me for abusing them. Mission accomplished, Bridg.

Also there were some creative curse words that I will be appropriating for personal use, but can’t share on here because sometimes my mom (and my mom-in-law) reads this blog. And I’d like to maintain the illusion that I never curse, because they don’t. At least, not in front of me.

Bridget Jones’ Diary
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