Men: O. Henry wrote this book. It was pretty short, and kind of random. There’s a war and some people get murdered. Good guys win, with a twist.

Everyone else: First off, it’s free. The book is a classic, past copyright, so you can get the e-version of it for free. Download the Kindle for PC app and read on your computer. Totally free.

(Kindle has many other classics available for free, FYI.)

Here was a story (perhaps the first) where the audiobook version probably took a lot away from the story. The setting of the book is a South American outpost. The narrator for the audiobook was a super-Anglo. Spanish words and phrases permeate the book. And the narrator’s accent was horrific.

It drove me to distraction. I spend the first third of the book trying to ignore him, working so hard that I didn’t catch much of the opening plot.

All told, however, it was a decent story. I’m going to go back, get the free version on my awesome Kindle (Thanks, parents-in-law!) and read it with my eyes instead of being assaulted with my ears. I suspect I will like it more.

Final verdict: Yes.

Cabbages & Kings

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