Surprisingly, there are few quotes about dead bodies – cadavers – out there. Most deal with dying or death, which is not at all the same thing.

Nevertheless, I have endeavored to find a few which will, along with some suggestions for further reading, speed you on your way.

“Take it from an old cadaver. Let go of the past.” ― David S.E. Zapanta, Posthumous

“There,” she said softly. “Now he could be sleeping.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Oh Dobby.

“Anyway, they took her body to McBurney’s Funeral Home in Motley. They’ll be planting her tomorrow.” ― Peter Hedges, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

“Nice jewelry and a boys corpse. Oh you’re so pretty.” ― Koushun Takami, Battle Royale

And finally, my favorite:

“Corpses sour you. They are bad for objectivity.” ― Bertolt Brecht

More reading:

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Cadaver Week: Quotes About Bodies
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