I stuffed as many fun books into my schedule as I could over the break. Since the Hunger Games trailer looks effing incredible, I decided to read the series to prep myself.

My gal-pal Ally told me she hated the ending of the third (final) book, but Ally is even more critical than I am about books (I know, hard to believe) and so I risked my precious time. AND I am glad I did (ALLY), because, although the books are most definitely young adult, they are a fun read. And I am a fan of a fun read.

The frickin’ catch-phrase of the first book is BURN WITH ME. Seriously badass.

Also, I like who the heroine ended up with. That is often the critical factor in whether I like books. Happy endings matter, people.

Action packed, a love story, some violence, and a strong female lead all equal tons of fun.

Added bonus: If your man friends are pish-poshing you as you read, have them rent Battle Royale (it’s subtitled or dubbed, but they won’t care). Then, when they’re done watching it, tell them “Yeah, it’s kinda’ like that, only AWESOMER.”

Totally worth what I paid for it, which was $4.49 on Kindle. Get on the bandwagon already.

Hunger Games
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