I’ve been following the blog of these two sisters, Lisa and Laura Roecker, for over a year (I think). When I started reading, they had JUST gotten signed by an agent, and were about to begin the long process of book publication.

Finally, after many blog posts about the frustrations of edits, publishers, covers, etc., they have a product. I read the entire thing in one sitting. It was fun.

Man review: This is a book written for teenage girls. So your teenage girl will enjoy it. You probably won’t.

Long review: It’s a murder mystery from the point of view of a (surprise) teenage girl. She’s interesting, curious, and her hair is pink. What sets the story apart from MANY teenage girl mysteries is the setting. Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden’s best work was done in settings with character: an old mine shaft, or caves in the Catskills or something.

Liar Society is the same, set almost entirely on the huge, super old campus of Pemberley Brown private school. Latin phrases pepper the campus AND the names of various school events, evoking a feeling of age, tradition, and some extra mysteriousness. Latin is good for that.

My only beef is that the book ends WAY too much like a part-one-of-a-series rather than ending as a self-contained story. It really bugged me that there was SO MUCH “I’ll keep fighting the good fight” and absolutely no confirmation from anyone that anything had already been accomplished. I sincerely hope that the next book ends with at least a promise of accomplishment: “You solved the case!”

Easy enough to fix for a series, even with that. Just open the NEXT book after that with “well, you thought you solved it but you really didn’t.”

Anyways, I’m getting off track. It was a fun book, one I would have loved to read as a teen. There were a few curse words here and there, but they made it seem much more realistic rather than thrown in for shock value, which I appreciated greatly. Also, the girl’s hair is pink.

Did I mention the pink hair? :)

Paperback is only $10, and the Kindle version is even cheaper.

Liar Society
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