I found this while Hubs and I were on a mini-vacay to Not-Mexas. In Not-Mexas, bookstores exist.

Actually, Target exists, which will do in a pinch, when you’re from Mexas, for a bookstore.

It’s kind of depressing to me that the Target book section has become the land of milk and honey. But, to be fair, books like those pictured above are the justification for this kind of thing.

You have to be pretty familiar with Pride and Prejudice to really enjoy the zombie version. After all, what’s funny about zombies if the context is totally out of whack?

But imagine, if you will, your favorite work of fiction. It could be anything. Now imagine it with zombies as an essential piece of the plot. Amusing, right? Entertaining, right? A little freaky, right?

I’m a happy camper right now. At least until I’m finished this book.

Then I can get to work being jealous that I didn’t think of it, first.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
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