I know, it seems like this post is going to be insanely interesting.

It’s a book review. I have not become a trick-turning Russian overnight.

Guy version: Not for men.

Gal version: It’s a fun read. If you go into it expecting a deeply moving masterpiece of the English language, you’ll be disappointed. If you pick it up as a “something to do” kind of read, it’s good.

Apparently, it’s also part of a trilogy (I just discovered this), which explains the random ending. I’m relieved. I can’t say I was let down by the ending, because by the time I got there I had little to no actual measurable expectations. But it still was one of those endings where you close the book going, “wait, WHAT?”

Glad to see there’s more to the story.

Anyways, the first half is all about how the gal is Russian. The teenage main character is in an international settlement in China, which makes her Russian-ness even more pronounced. There’s a lot about friendship, schoolwork, “you’re ruining my life” relationship with mom, and the occasional high-jinx.

The second part is the concubine part, which is as awkwardly graphic as you might expect from a cover like the one above and the use of a word like “concubine.” Also, torture, scandal, and explosions. And a white rabbit. I kid you not.

Final judgment: If you can get a copy for free, it’s worth a read.


Russian Concubine
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